Sunday, October 3, 2010

Test Subjects


This quarter plate was taken at the beach. I developed the plate emulsion side down, thus the scratches. Its hard to tell which way is up with out a notch guide. I think I might start cutting them into my plate.

When I'm shooting film for tests- content isn't so important. I try to keep it interesting enough so I don't die of boredom processing the test.

In an ideal world, I would use something representative as a test subject of what I am planning on photographing for my project. However, that would complicate my tests with the set up and planning involved in whatever project. And what if something went wrong? I much prefer my tests to fail on something that I have not invented a lot of conceptual energy into.

So that brings us to me sitting on a beach with my favorite sketchbook. I don't have any projects that require a shoot at the ocean which makes is a great place to test out my latest batch of hand-coated plates.

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