Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I made mark's 1880 dry plate emulsion found here, poured it on glass (3.25x4.25), exposed it and developed it. After the jump is a rough outline of how I processed this plate.

Good News: no fog and it works
Bad News: SLOW. in direct sunlight @f8 30seconds gave me a thin negative.

I developed in 5x7 inch trays PMK (40 drops a + 80 drops b +200ml's wate for 20 mins at 58*f. I don't have anything to measure out single ml's, so based off of
this I used 20 drops = 1ml.

Stop was 2 mins in water with 2 exchanges during that time.

Fixer was 25g of sodium thiosulfate to 200ml's of water.

I am so relieved that I got anything at all on the glass. Everything is swell, except for the speed of the film. I didn't have any problem with the emulsion coming off, in fact it gave me such a hard time cleaning it off of everything it touched! The only real issue is the speed which i feel is due to under ripening.

This has been one of the most nerve racking and rewarding experiences i've ever had with photography. I'll keep you posted on the details as I keep working on improving my dry plate skills.

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