Monday, June 14, 2010

Feeling art

When I look at artwork I spend a lot of time focused on its ethics, meaning and my emotional reaction to it. I had a realization today. I had not been paying enough attention to the physical reaction I have when looking at artwork.

When I watched the youtube video, there was a moment about 2.30 that caused a shiver to start at the base of my neck and traveled down my body to my arms and legs. The shiver was not like being cold, it was like a wave of electricity sliding down my body. My heart beat felt stronger in my chest and the rest of the room seemed to dim.

I felt at once anxious and proud. Very excited. And then promptly realized how I was reacting and lost the 'high' a little bit. The video gave me the realization (or remembering) that its possible to 'feel' the art.

I find inspiration and art everywhere I look, but was surprised to have an experience watching a *someplace* Has Talent TV show. However, it does make sense. TV shows are designed to use emotional blackmail to cause viewers to 'buy in'.

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