Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cost: Emulsion making

This is the first cost write up out of three which will include emulsion making, making the plate, and developing.

I've been documenting the cost it has taken to get into dry plate photography. After the jump I have broken down the costs in an itemized list. Included in the total is the shipping and Handling costs (but not gas money). If you have access to many of the materials already then the costs described is on the high end.

Costs: (Free Super Saver Shipping)
Red Led Christmas Lights $17.99
Digital Scale .01g-100g with 100g Calibration Weight $14.79

Walmart: (Gas Money)
Small Glass beaker: $1.50
stainless steel strainer $8.97
digital thermometer $12.97
Glass baking dish 2L $5.00
(2x) Distilled water 1 Gallon $.83 (x2 = $1.66)
Hamilton Beach 5-Quart Portable Slow Cooker $19.88

Le Gourmet Chef (Gas Money)
Stainless Steel Potato Ricer $14.99
Cotton Cheese Cloth $4.99
Plastic and stainless steel syringe $7.99
stainless steel mixing bowl $3qt 4.99

Science Company (shipping 8.28)
Silver Nitrate 25g 28.50

Photo Formulary (shipping 9.95)
Chrome Alum 10g 3.95
Gelatin Hard 100g 9.95
Potassium Bromide 100g 5.95
Potassium Iodide 10g 4.95
Thymol 10g 9.95

Package Store (Lots of gas money)
375ml 190proof Grain Alchol $8.95

Sharp Chedder Cheese Crock 12oz $12.59

ScienceShopUSA (Shipping $12.95)
(2x)Pyrex Beaker 250ml $8.75 (x2 = $17.50)
Pyrex Beaker 600ml $11.95
(2x)8" Glass Stir Rod $1.65 (x2=$ 3.30)
(3x)4oz Amber Glass Dropper Bottle $3.75 (x3 =11.25)

Total: $280.68

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